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J. Steve Steve Miller

Part-time Instructor of Religious Studies

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
Social Sciences Building (SO 402), Room 2019
Phone: 470-578-2431


James Stephen "Steve" Miller, Ph.D. (Candidate), teaches religious studies in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as First Year Seminars and "Tomorrow's World Today" for Honors College and University College. Having studied religion and philosophy at five diverse undergraduate and graduate schools, he enjoys researching and writing particularly in his specialty of philosophy of religion. His has coauthored Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense: A Practical Text for Critical and Creative Thinking, as well as books on near-death experiences, contemporary arguments for the existence of God, and a critique of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. His dissertation explores the peer-reviewed research on deathbed experiences in various cultures. His books have been published in several countries and languages and he has presented his research both at home and abroad. The recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award for University College, Professor Miller loves students, loves learning, and loves teaching.

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