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Peace Studies

The overall goal of the Peace Studies Program is to establish a preferential option for peace in the lives of students, faculty, staff, and administrators at Kennesaw State University by offering a course of study that equips students with the theories, philosophies, and methods necessary to achieve peaceful and constructive engagement and coexistence with others. Thus, the newly developed Peace Studies Program at KSU offers students who are interested in spending their lives in the pursuit of peace an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the nature and identity of peace, the awareness of peace in social contexts, and the application of peace methods in day to day activities.

Many students express a desire to study peace in an overt way rather than have it buried under traditional or conventional fields of study. Furthermore, some students want to live meaningful lives working for peace rather than for war. The Peace Studies Program also allows those of us who teach in the program to instruct meaningful courses that make peace an explicit object of study and declare that education should be first and foremost a preparation for living peacefully with others. This is especially important in an intensely globalized world.

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Peace Studies Lecture Series

The Peace Studies Lecture Series is sponsored by the Peace Studies program and is offered each semester during the regular school term. Please look for upcoming lectures in the Events section above.