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Gabriel Greaves

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Office: Kennesaw Campus
Phone: 470-578-


Gabriel grew up in a transgenerational home (i.e. mother, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) as well as later being a part of a blended family that loved to travel. He grew up with a deep appreciation for multiculturalism—and helping others to appreciate life in varied family/cultural settings. He also is very passionate about learning and having accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of United States history, especially when it comes to interactions among differing ethnic groups. Gabriel graduated with a B.S in Human Services in 2009 and has been doing extensive work in community outreach and working with at-risk youths. He has also worked in the private school sector as a Behavioral Specialists and teacher aide. He works as a Human Services professional and is hoping to use the Masters of American Studies to aid in becoming a Social Studies teacher so that he can go about teaching history in middle and high school classrooms - and he also plans on pursuing a Ph.D as well in the future so that he can help others appreciate the richness of American history. He has a huge passion for working with young adults. Moreover, his favorite fields of study are history, theology, church history & patristics, art/musicology, missions/social justice movements, community development, small group facilitations and mentoring.

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