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Gender, Work, and the Global Political Economy With Tanya Brinkley, Brenda Brown, Amy Drooker, Dora Tipton, & Kristen Walker

This panel discussed how gender is affected by globalization and the consequences that come out of that. It was a presentation that was given by women from the master’s program and each had their own segment that dealt with a particular issue. There was discussion about feminist activities that may have a negative effect on societies and cultures specifically linked to the climbing of Mount Everest and the Sherpa peoples. Discussion about the plight of Afghani women and how the speaker herself was trying to reduce the stigma around this group of people, especially women. From the other two panelists the discussions were about language and how it could hinder specific social movements. She gave examples of the movement of women inside the Black Panther Party. And lastly, how feminism and socialism were considered “dirty words” in the world today. She wants to help change that thought track and help feminist democracy move forward. These are not issues that the general population think about hardly, if ever and these women are helping to start the discussion and lead for change for women everywhere.

Student Review by Andrea Putala Focus Week 2015 Event: 

Posted: November 5, 2015