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Accessing KSU – Gender, Disability, and the University With Siobhan Cooke, Ariel Eisenberg, & Jasmine Manuel

This was a very informal panel to really just discuss the issues surrounding gender and disabled people. We were all able to meet a very charismatic and charming student named Jasmine Manuel who gets around by wheel chair and the challenges that she faces consistently throughout the entire campus and more issues that come with having to confront the various offices that are in charge of dealing with these issues. She was not the only one with concerns. There were others who were disabled and outwardly they did not appear to be so and so they shared their stories of how it was for them to be treated when they did not appear physically disabled.

A new and wonderfully nice Professor here at KSU, Ari Eisenberg, also shared her concerns about the lack of bathrooms that were gender neutral. Dr. Eisenberg shared about her experience with trying to help the discussion and action take place for the installation of bathrooms that were not just for male and female but some that were safe for those who identified as neither. There has to be safety available for anyone with any kind of background and need and if Kennesaw State is going to grow and expand they also have to give attention to the smaller minorities on campus as well for the safety of all of their students.

Student Review by Andrea Putala Focus Week 2015 Event: 

Posted: November 5, 2015