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African-American Women in the Workplace With Nykia Hannah, Keisha Love, & Nicole Phillips

This panel was presented by three extremely professional and knowledgeable African-American women. Dr. Keisha Love, Nykia Hannah, and Nicole Phillps each presented their own portion of the panel that gave perspectives into what is was like to be African American and a woman in the workplace. Dr. Love spoke about women of color in the Academy and how hard it was to rise up in the ranks of education and the research she has been a part of in this area. She had some students participate in an activity that visually showed everyone the “ladder of success” and where women of color were on that ladder, which was the bottom. She spoke about gendered racism and the consequences it had on women’s personal and professional lives. Nykia Hannah spoke to the class about owning your identity as a black woman. That it was okay to be yourself in the corporate world and owning your “is-ness.” She spoke of the double consciousness and being aware of how others perceive the woman of color and how they perceive themselves. Nicole Phillps shared her personal story with the class. She shared how her very diverse background influenced what she wanted to do with her life. There were many steps and changes involved but she knew she wanted to help people and that’s exactly what she did. Her story was very moving.

Student Review by Andrea Putala Focus Week 2015 Event:  

Posted: November 5, 2015